in which there are 28 days, and I’m a bit of a fool


Happy April Fools' Day.

I pranked myself this morning, which was just genius. Really, what it comes down to is that I need to keep my routines, damnit, because they're the only thing keeping me from ABSOLUTE CHAOS. The slightest deviation- like, say, actually meeting my breakfast goal for once this week- resulted in my misplacing my wallet for hours, which also resulted in a bit of panic (debit cards, corporate credit card, license and about $200 USD) until I found the damned thing tucked into my bag, rather than in my back pocket where it belonged.

I'd say this is what I get for trying to enact all this reform, but in retrospect it's sort of funny- now that I've found my wallet, of course. If it were still lost I wouldn't be amused AT ALL. I've long suspected that my obsessive list keeping and observation of routines comes from my being pretty disorganized in my natural state; I continue to prove my own theory. I think without my lists and rituals I'd just lose track of everything.

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