in which there are 29 days, and today is for accountability

The almost- weekly goals check- in needs to be locked down, I think. I'm a fan of accountability: shame is a big motivator for me. I need a better name for it, though: So far I have Goal Tuesday, or Tuesday Shamefest Check- In, or My Utter Failure To Reform, Let Me Show You It, none of which really work for me. Thoughts?

So. On to the status.

  • Less coffee: I am kicking ass at this. Turns out I am really good at quitting things! I still need one cup a day to stave off a headache, but I'm okay with that- the goal was to limit things to one cup a day, with an evening allowance only in emergencies, and I am OWNING this one. (Win.)
  • More running: Well, I'm averaging about 3 runs a week over the last few weeks, but this week I've been pretty good at sticking to it. I'm aiming for 5-6 days a week, so we'll see how that goes. I miss out on dinner with the group, but getting my run in at a decent hour is happening, at least. (Half- Win.)
  • Less internet: Ahem. Next? (Fail.)
  • More knitting: Working my ass off on that shawl, which is coming along nicely- it's in sockweight yarn, which means it scores high in instant gratification. The socks are currently in a holding pattern while I push through this, then write the pattern out. (Win.)
  • More design: See above. (Win!)
  • More packing: I am packing up/ giving away/ tossing everything I don't need for daily life. God, I love a purge. (Super- win!)
  • More breakfast: BOMBED this. Just cannot drag myself out of bed early just for food. I can't get excited about the chow hall anymore, even when they serve bread pudding for breakfast- that's saying something. (Utter fail.)
  • More gifts: Okay, I'd be done with this if I hadn't decided to buy more stuff, so that's almost a win, right? (A half- win, probably.)
  • More perspective: I can see the end and it is glorious. (Win!)

Status: 6 out of 9, if I count the half- wins, although maybe I shouldn't, because they're also half- fails, too. (Note to self: probably not a good idea to get too obsessive about goals list.) Overall, though not too shabby.

I think I can subtract the caffeine goal, though; that seems to be a solid change for the better. I think that one is finished. I'll replace it with Get Myself To Bed Before 10:30 pm (6 out of 7 nights), Curse A Lot Less, and Watch All Those Borrowed Movies Or Just Return Them Already for the next week.

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