in which there are 32 days, and some knitting


To answer a question- yes, I have been knitting. I'm working on a super- simple shawl in sock yarn right now, as well as a pair of socks. The shawl is my real focus, though. It's a pain in my ass.

The problem is that while the knitting is coming out perfectly, and while I like the yarn itself well enough (Colinette Jitterbug, nothing special but solidly in the nice category) the color just slays me. I hate it. There are moments of brilliance- spots where the brown melts into umber, or into the russets- but the blaring red and blue just kills me. Ugly ugly ugly ugly, but I have it here, and I hate waste. It is close in weight to the yarn I am actually designing the shawl for, so it's the logical choice, but agh. It makes it hard for me to focus.

This is my own design, though, and it's the first draft, so to speak- my initial workthrough of the pattern. I'm more than halfway along now and I don't want to rip back, but agh. I look at the yarn and it's one extended internal shrug. I keep hoping I can just overdye it when I get home to make it more acceptable. I know I'll be knitting another, with the yarn I'm really writing the pattern for (which I on't have on hand here), so it's not the end of the world, but I hate working on anything I don't think is pretty.

Le sigh.

The socks go better. There are no pictures of them, but they're knit in some of Fiberphile's sock yarn, and coming along well. I keep wanting to turn them into mittens but that's completely impractical- it's spring, damnit.

Life here is still strange. I've decided to leave this image unexplained, in case Billy ever wants to… run for public office, or something, I don't know. Suffice to say, things are filthy and hilarious and always, always, so strange out here.

Giant moose knuckle

Speaking of strange, we found this in our office this morning- a life- sized effigy of one of the women we work with. She's on leave, and apparently, greatly missed. They took her clothes (I don't want to know how they got her clothes) a clean mop head, a picture and a rough ton of plastic bags and here we are: the weirdly wonderful Erin effigy.


I mean, really. Where else will this sort of thing be considered just another day in the office?

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