in which there are 38 days and one picture of a stranger

Badging office

I spent today in the badging office, waiting to get my new ID. Six hours or so later- maybe more, time started to feel funny after a while there- I walked out with the piece of plastic that assures me free food at the chow hall, the return of my laundry, and all the PX privileges a girl could ask for. Raah, indeed.

I caught this image of a soldier who'd been there nearly as long as I had; somehow, he managed to sleep through the VH1 that was playing at top volume all afternoon. We were all miserable, and no one seemed to be enjoying it, but every time someone turned the volume down a woman would come out of of one of the side offices and turn it back it up to 11. Really, if she wanted to listen to Jason Mraz that badly, I think any of us would have bought her a CD and some headphones.

Weirdly enough, sitting in dangerously uncomfortable chairs all day is exhausting. Who knew? I am wiped the hell out. I'm still hoping for a run in about 30 minutes, but I might not make it after all. The thought of finishing off my mini- Toblerone stash while watching old episodes of Mad Men in  bed is pretty damned appealing.

Recent amusements include this absolutely astounding Wolf Shirt, found via LSG. Really, it's all about the comments, which include such gems as, "Excellent roaming shirt out
in the dessert. Gets you great reception for your
cell phone as well
," and one of my personal favorites, 
"I stood up, pointed
to my shirt, and said with great glee, 'Dude.
Look.' He cowered back into his booth where he sat
amazed at the awesomeness he had just

I've also been playing with The Evil Plan Generator, which totally makes me think of Teresa. C'mon, T. This is the push you've been waiting for! Finally, you can kick that World Domination plan into high gear.

On that note, I'm going to get my sneakers on and see if I can't knock a couple of miles out. Maybe, after that, the mini- Toblerones?

  One thought on “in which there are 38 days and one picture of a stranger

  1. March 26, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    But did you knit while you were waiting?

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