in which there are 40 days left, and a progress report

78 / 365, originally uploaded by s.eyre.

40 days! It sounds so biblical.

Reviewing my goals from last week- for accountability.

  • Less coffee: This is going well. I'm down to one cup in the mornings, with the potential for one cup in the evening if I really, honestly need it, and I'm over the headaches, because apparently I was pretty well addicted.
  • More running: only managed three runs last week, which is pretty sad. I can do better than that!
  • Less internet: Well. No one is perfect.
  • More knitting: I still need to graft the arms on my Perfect Back Sweater, but my shawl is coming along well.
  • More design: see above. 🙂 Wrote to Chi about photos, still need to type up final .pdf for handwarmers, writing down shawl as it comes along. Constantly sketching ideas.
  • More packing: I have boxes, and I've packed up all my cold weather clothes!
  • More breakfast: Complete failure here. Ate cereal in my room once.
  • More gifts: I'm almost done with this task altogether- just a few little things here and there.
  • More perspective: Finally, I think I'm falling in place here- beginning to feel centered and at peace. Having Solaman here and Jason on the way helps a lot. I definitely don't feel as exhausted as I did last week, that's for damned sure.

Not bad, me. More running, less internet, and damnit, breakfast.

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