in which there are 41 days left

Today made up for a lot of the bad days before it. To celebrate, a list!

  • I slept perfectly.
  • I woke up to a long, long email related to my future plans after this deployment. Hooray for the future!
  • I was on time for coffee with Billy and it was delicious.
  • The weather was perfect and grey all day, cool with light sprinklings of rain.


  • I got to wear my new green shirt, and I got a couple of really sweet compliments on it, too, so I felt supercute all afternoon.
  • Work was steady and simple, no problems, all fun. 
  • There's a new laundry procedure in which I can get my laundry within 72 hours, possibly less, and I get to use my Urdu while talking to the laundry guys, too, even if they do think I'm lying when I tell them I'm not half- Indian. And that's sort of flattering, too.
  • Lunch was perfect- there was even banana bread for dessert!
  • Totally incredible mail day! The lovely Kate of Dragonfly Fiber Designs sent me some of her handpainted roving- American Silk Sheep (a new breed, developed by Val Deremchuk, who we met at the New Jersey festival last year) in indigo, which Kate has labelled "Sarah colors" but are really Kate colors- shades of the same hue that I bought from her when we first met.


  • While I'm talking about mail, our new gear arrived this afternoon, too, and nothing looks broken!
  • Ooooh, and Alyson of TheYoyo fame (Remember her NPR yarns? Pure genius!) sent me a lovely care package as well- check out these apples!

New teen titans

Wait, wait. Here's the close-up.


That's right, George Perez signed it TO ME! Who wants to touch me?

Let's see… what else?

  • Billy and I went to the PAX terminal this afternoon and picked up Solaman, who made it in safe and sound (albeit exhausted) from Dubai. I am so glad to have him back, and so glad to no longer be a team of two!


  • I had a gorgeous run tonight- strong and fast.
  • 100% solo shower! No one even peeked in the cell. Hooray for peace and quiet.

I needed today, honestly. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, world. Thank you, today.

  One thought on “in which there are 41 days left

  1. Gingy
    March 18, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Kate is a wonder with the dyes. I have a crush on her “Sailor’s Warning” colourway. I have some of her sock yarn in that. I think I also bought more from her this weekend at the yarn party, can’t remember for sure.

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