in which there are 49 days left, and some random bits and bobs


In the mail today: Netflix, a copy of House of Mystery (hooray Bill Willingham!), and a package from Sam containing a yarn catalog, my latest copy of Wizard, razor cartridges and Batman R.I.P., which I'm told will make me very, very angry. (Yeah, that's Obama on the cover of Wizard. Crazy, right?)

Little packages like these are such a pleasure. There's something so very sweet about the gifts he sends me; it's such a small gesture, but it means the world to me. Between the actual reading of the books (pure pleasure that I save for bad days and slowly savor) and the knowledge that he's out there, some 7000 miles away, looking for little ways to make me happy— that's just lovely. Puts a bounce in my step.

Listening to a new playlist to reflect today's bouncy mood:

  • Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend
  • Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots – Flaming Lips
  • Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes
  • This is Your Life – The Killers
  • Pills For Everything – That Handsome Devil
  • Respect – Otis Redding
  • Mount Wroclai – Beirut
  • Business Time – Flight of the Conchords
  • Pretty In Pink – Dresden Dolls
  • Even – Simon Day
  • If I – Piers Faccini
  • Be With Me – Foy Vance
  • V Neck Sweater – Greyboy Allstars
  • I Want To Do – Joe Tex
  • Life Is Beautiful – Vega4
  • Lion In A Coma – Animal Collective

Some old favorites in there, but hey, Layne, thanks for the Vampire Weekend recommendation. I'll be honest- the name would have put me completely off of this band. If it weren't for you saying it was good I'd never have found this.


On knitting- I'm nearly finished with Billy's Eternal, Neverending, Was- I- Insane- When- I- Started- This Doubleknit Scarf Of Affection (in fingering- damned- weight- yarn!!!), finally; I have about another 4 inches of knitting lwdt before I think I can block it and give it to him. 101 thanks to Boo- I've been working on this while watching season 4 of The Office, which she sent me. I'll be glad to have it off the needles. It's a bit too warm for a scarf at this point, but it's a lovely warm snuggly piece nonetheless, and I love the random stripes.

Tomorrow will be our 10 month Afghaniversary. Incredible. God, we're so close to home.

Still working on charts for some historical recreation- type knitting, as well as a shawl and at least one Afghanistan- specific pattern. A lot of this may need to wait until I'm home, but lately I'm full of ideas, sketching and listing out potential patterns for the future. Another sign that my head is really on the future.

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