in which there are 56 days and I’m dreaming about food

Current food fantasies:

  • steak sandwiches with a blue cheese spread, sauteed onions, spinach
  • spinach- balsamic vinegar sandwiches with cherry tomatoes, brie and dijon mayonaise
  • aloo gobi
  • tofu ka prow
  • artichokes, steamed, with a butter sauce (yeah, I know they're not in season, but it's a fantasy, dammit)
  • malai kabobs
  • chicken cheesesteak from Gianni's
  • cheese pizza from the other Gianni's
  • onion and broccoli calzones
  • corn chowder with thyme
  • stilon leek soup with crusty homemade bread
  • roasted cider chicken with braised parsnips
  • deviled eggs
  • fettucini with white wine sauce, lemon broccoli and artichoke hearts
  • a real, enormous salad of field greens
  • roasted garlic, again on homemade crusty bread
  • toasted pumpernickel bread with apple butter

I would like to be home, filling my family with their favorite meals,
working with local in- season produce, expressing love via food. I've
been cruising Etsy, looking at handmade napkins


 and aprons


… and overall
just biding my time.

(Completely aside: I can't stop listening to Flight of The Conchords and it's really beginning to affect how I talk to people.)

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