in which there are 57 days and I am so excited


From the top row down: Beckett's room when we bought the house, then two rows of progress shots, and finally on the bottom some images of the room today. She chose the paint- not at all afraid of color, that one! I'm actually coming to like the orange- cheerful, earthy- but we'll see how I feel about it when I look at it in person.

And those floors- aren't they beautiful? Sam has been busy making all this happen while I've been out here having my adventures. It hardly looks like the same room anymore, which is a HUGE plus. That shoddy half- functioning bathroom that had been kitty- cornered into the bedroom is gone, too, and in it's place is a functional reading nook just waiting for me to come home and sew up cushions for it. I'm so pleased this is done-  personal space is a huge deal when you're a teenager, and I really wanted her to have somewhere that was finished and truly hers. She's been involved and empowered through the process of rehabbing her room, and seems enthusiastic about it all.

I cannot wait to get home and see our house, and all the changes.

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