in which there are 63 days and a care package

Margaret, of Little Grey Cat Designs, sent me the loveliest care package. She sent me two skeins of her own, gorgeous handspun…

Little grey cat 4

This one is glitzy and glittery and makes me think of Renn Faire… I have no idea what I'll make with it yet, but whatever it winds up being it will be fabulous.

Little greycat 2

There is something about handspun- the wonder of holding something created through the work of someone else's hands- that is incredibly personal and touching.

She also sent a skein of Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farms' Cormo/ Kid Mohair worsted, in this incredible sage colorway from a CSA (community sustained agriculture) that I have been watching and admiring for some time now.

Martha vin

There was also a bar of dark chocolate in the package, but I'll be honest, that didn't make it long enough to be photographed.

101 thanks to Margaret and honestly everyone who has ever sent me a care package in the course of these last 10 months. It means the world to me, all these sweet cards and boxes. The generosity of my friends and family is astounding, but also amazing is the kindness of strangers- all those lovely yarn and fiber- loving strangers who sent gifts. Thanks, everyone. It has been a comfort and a pleasure.

(By the way: Margaret is fundraising for the Australian Red Cross bushfire relief— so if you needed another reasons to treat yourself with a little something soft and lovely, here you go: it's also for a good cause. Go on over and check her out.)

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