in which there are 65 days left, and today was a pretty good one

We got the truck!

Billy and I borrowed a truck today. This would be the third or fourth time we've had a vehicle in the past almost- 10 months, which makes it A Very Big Deal, as well as A Whole Lot Of Fun.

Mailing boxes home

It also doesn't hurt that we borrowed the truck in order to take boxes and boxes of stuff to the post office to mail home because we are getting ready to go home ourselves. Getting all our stuff out feels like a step in a direction that we are both pretty eager to get headed in. (Sam, there's a giant black footlocker of yarn coming your way!)

After we shipped all our boxes, we drove around the base- that giant loop that we so rarely get to explore. We honked a every girl we saw, drove through mud puddles, and found this abandoned guard tower- how had we never seen this before? It's rickety and deserted and falling apart, covered in graffiti and altogether fantastic.

Guard tower final

I love urban exploration, which was sort of what this was like.

Stairs blog

Thank Whomever I always carry a camera on me.

Bagram cthulhu

A fantastic, wonderful, very welcome day. Tonight I talk to Sam, and watch movies, and knit. Maybe I can finish something this weekend? (Ha, hahahahaha.)

  One thought on “in which there are 65 days left, and today was a pretty good one

  1. teresa
    February 22, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    last night,
    every. single. thing. i. did.
    made me think of you.

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