in which there are 78 days left, and some knitting

One Moose Mitten finished, finally. Well. Except for the weaving in of the ends, and the blocking. But the knitting bit? Totally finished. I have also not accomplished the photo bit, either. Lay off. I finished something! Or, er, half of something! Hooray! Here's a picture of it this afternoon, before I'd finished it. I'm hoping the slight puckering on the long floats blocks out.


I'm trying to promise myself not to start any more projects until I finish what I've already got started- two nearly- finished sweaters, a barely- begun pair of socks that I think I hate and really should just rip out, and the Moose Mittens. That's not so bad, really. I've seen worse piles of unfinshed objects; really, it's the two sweaters that are killing me. Mr. Greenjeans just needs arms- that's it, just arms- and my Perfect Black Sweater is even worse, that just needs another few inches on the yoke and a neckline. I love them both and frankly, I could use another sweater. Why the hell can't I just commit?

Side note: the Green Lantern movie? I know we're in a comics phase again, and that's great. Really. It's great. I'm happy about it. Iron Man was great. The latest run of Batman movies are great. Really, really great. The previews and the viral marketing for the Watchmen looks great, although I'm obviously reserving judgment and frankly I'm more than a little worried because whenever people try to put Alan Moore on the big screen it doesn't seem to go so well, but whatever. (Also, WTF superbuff Dan Dreiberg? Wrong, wrong, wrong.) But if they screw up the casting on Hal Jordan, there will be riots. I'm not a fan, but my overall impression of the Green Lantern fans that I've met is that they're a pretty devoted bunch. (You'd have to be to put up with the crapfest that was the Parallax story arc.) Skimming the blogs it looks like Geeks' Choice is Nathan Fillion, which is charming and all but a little too twee for me, not that I'm coming up with any better ideas. He's a little one- dimensional for me, but then again… well, I don't want to finish that thought out loud. Like I said, those Green Lantern fans can be a bit nuts.

Side note to my side note: Hollywood, please, please, please either commit to making a Preacher movie/ series or just stop. Talking. About. It. Already.

Also, Boo, the chickens? What gives? You're killing me.

  One thought on “in which there are 78 days left, and some knitting

  1. teresa
    February 9, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    ‘i just caaallled to saaaay
    i loooooove yooouuu
    and i meeaann it from
    the bottom of myyyy heaaart.’
    (i’m in such an odd mood today)

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