in which there is a sense of home

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Billy should be flying back to us tonight; coming home, we call it, which is funny because really he just was home. While I was on my mid- tour vacation, I slipped up several times and referred to this place as home, something Sam didn't appreciate in the least. And this is not home, not really, although it does feel like it some days; this is only just home for now.

Speaking of Billy, his scarf comes along well, although I'm running out of one of the yarns. A full length  doubleknit scarf in DK weight yarn? Sure, two skeins of Swish DK should be enough, no problems. 246 yards? More than enough. What the hell was I thinking? Honestly, I think I straight up wasn't thinking at all; I think I just fell in love with the color combination. I cruised over to the website hoping to buy more only to discover that Knitpicks won't be carrying Swish DK in Cobblestone Heather until March, damnit.

I put the call up on Ravelry, but if anyone has some scraps I'd be much obliged.

I'm off to get my run in, so I can shower and be ready to pick Billy up at the airport for his o' dark- thirty arrival.

(Side note, and completely unrelated: I've begun to show an unsolicited interest in quilting. What the hell is wrong with me? Will this ever, ever stop? Why the absolute lack of monogamy to any one craft, ever? And why am I suddenly interested in learning how to make the perfect french cream puff? I hate baking. )

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