in which it is all a bit much

29 / 365, originally uploaded by s.eyre.

The truth is that I need a road trip.

Here's the way it is: the base is an elliptical loop, an extended, narrow oval around the flight line. The west side of base is largely inhabited- buildings, housing, Px, chow halls, multiple coffee shops, all of it. The east side is mostly empty- there's an incinerator site, some gravel pits, that sort of thing. There are still mines on the east side, although they're clearly marked. There are wild dogs on the east side, which sounds sort of exotic and romantic until you're running alone at dusk, all happy in the deserted bit of base and you come across several of them looking at you, looking mangy and diseased and possibly hungry. Agh.

All together it's an 8 mile loop. The inhabited side- inhabited by people, I mean, not by wild dogs, etc- is 3.9 miles long, according to my pedometer.

3.9 miles, that's about the size of my world lately, and it's beginning to get to me. I need some space. I need to stretch. I need to get into a car, point it in a direction of my choosing, and drive, damnit. Running, while good for my soul, has reminded me of exactly how small my world is. I can run the extent of my world right now in less than 40 minutes, stem to stern. Claustrophobia, what what?

I need to start taking my long runs in the mornings, out past the north Px and into the east side, when there are other people awake and running to help keep the dogs away. And really, how often does one get to literally worry about keeping the packs of wild dogs at bay? I should see it as an adventure. I should be more grateful. 

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