in which there is rain- related musing

It's raining, still, here in Bagram. I'm 100% in love with the sound of the rain landing on the roof and walls of my plywood hut; it's even better than attic rain back home.  I've spent a good amount of it just lying in bed, reading, listening to the rain, not accomplishing any of my goals for the day. I rather think that "lying in bed, listening to the rain" should be a goal in and of itself.

It's been challenging lately; never enough time, never enough resources. I'm looking down the road at my seemingly imminent return to the States and I have no idea how I'll get everything I want to have accomplished taken care of. Spending the morning in bed listening to the rain doesn't help, I suppose, but without a break here and there I'd be no good for anything.

Off to eat, pick up mail, and hopefully get cracking on my knitting.

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