in which tonight will be awesome

Chi's mitts are blocking on water bottles on my bookshelf. This should mean that I started on Billy's scarf, seeing as he's due home/ here on the 28th. Instead, I decided to make Billy's scarf more complicated (double- knit irregular stripes, rather than 1×1 rib irregular stripes) so that I could put off casting on (gotta learn a new technique, obviously) and instead start a pair of socks in Colinette Jitterbug (in colorway Copperbeach) that I'm not even sure I like.

Colinette socks

See? Meh.

My work- in- progress committment issues are severe. It is disturbing to realize that at 32 years old I am really only capable of committing to Sam, Afghanistan, and running. What the hell is that about?

Speaking of my utter lack of discipline, apologies for the missing post. I was (quietly) aiming for daily posting for January, but yesterday got dropped. You didn't miss much; I spent most of last night whinging like a pre- teen about cross- training and how much I hate the gym. I still really do hate the gym, but my knee and ankle have been thanking me all day, which means it was probably the right thing to do.

Tonight I am watching Hell's Ground, a Pakistani horror movie Solaman lent me. The synopsis is pretty typical of the B- movie genre: "After lying to their parents and running off to a rock concert, five
Pakistani teenagers find themselves stranded when their van runs out of
gas. Soon, they're pursued by zombies, a ghoulish hitchhiker and a
blood-soaked, burqa-wearing killer!"

You got that, right? Zombies, supernatural hitchhiker, and burqa baddie? What more could anyone ask for?


Genius, right? It's on Amazon and Netflix. You know you wanna.

Finally, hooray for today, which was rainy and dreary and perfectly grey. I got to test out my new boots, which appear to be every bit as waterproof as advertised- a good thing, because they're very, very ugly. I stomped through puddles all day, which was far more fun than I remembered.

I heart my new boots

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