in which there is a knitting update

nearly finished now!, originally uploaded by s.eyre.

I should finish with these tomorrow afternoon, save the blocking. It was good to knit these again- it gave me a chance to re- work the pattern. I'll be sending this off to Chion as soon as they're dry for photos and (hopefully) some serious cold- weather wear. Quick, mindless, simple knit with a yarn that I just love- The Yoyo's Sock String in Morning Edition, one of her NPR collection colorways. (I cannot WAIT to see what the latest Wait Wait Don't Tell Me mystery colorway will look like; she's doing her cashmere blend sportweight this time around, I stalk the Ravelry stash page to see what it'll look like.)

Which leaves me working on a 1×1 ribbed scarf for Billy in random stripes— in fingering weight yarn. What was I thinking? Agh. I really need to get hauling on that or I'll still be working on that when we leave in May. And of course, those poor moose mittens for Sam, which I honestly, really, truly do love. Why can't I seem to finish those, already? Weirdly enough, my handwarming obsession seems to know no bounds this winter: what I really want to be working on are traditional mittens in my most recent handspun, but I need to finish something before starting another damned project.

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