in which I admit that I may have a problem

No, I'm not done with the moose mittens yet. Or the black sweater. Or even Mr. Greenjeans, who only needs a sleeve and some buttons. Oh, yes, and I'm still working on a randomly striped scarf for Billy in sock yarn, too. I'm also knitting up swatches for a lace project I'm trying to design.

Obviously, it is the perfect time to cast on for a new project!

In my defense: it's superfast, and it's technically work. I can't seem to photograph my own hands well out here, so this pair is for Chion, who will take pics of them for me. I'm already almost halfway done, and I started on the 8th.

Currently on the needles: Chion's Foldover Mitts, in The Yoyo's Sock String, colorway Morning Edition (from her completely awesome NPR line of colorways). I'm a particular fan of using this yarn for Chion who is a photographer for WNPR– I always knew one of my NPR skeins would be going to her. The yarn is lovely, as always- strong, smooth, gorgeous dye- work; if you haven't tried The Yoyo yet, you really should.

A P.S. to my Baltimore people: who really expected Dixon to get indicted? Not me, despite the evidence against her. Thoughts?

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