in which it there are mitts

Here's a peek into my charmed life: my boss was supposed to come visit us this month field to provide training, survey the site, field my complaints, all of that. Okay, maybe he didn't know about that last bit, but I doubt he would have been terribly surprised.

He was denied clearance into country- it's a long story, and no one's fault, I suppose, or at least, not the fault of anyone I can reach out and shake. I am so disappointed. That's not sarcasm; I'm actually deeply let down. I really wanted that to happen; I was looking forward to it for both professional and personal reasons.

Which brings me to my point: as much as I want out of this industry, I am a very, very lucky girl. I work with people I like, doing a job that I like. I even work for people I like, and how many people can say that? I'm disappointed that my boss didn't get to come out and do a five- day sleepover with all of us. It would have been fun- really fun, not "let's do 100 consecutive push- ups" fun.

In other news, have a terribly composed shot of the moose mittens!

Moose mittens

And the palm/ thumb, my favorite bits…

Palm of moose mittens small

This image takes me to my next point:  I 100% fail at taking pictures of my own hands and have completely stopped trying. The lovely and gifted Chion Wolf has offered to do a product shoot of my Foldover Armies (yes, that is a cute name) in exchange for a pair of her own. I'm working on those as soon as I have the damned moose mittens managed, which, by the way, are coming along nicely and really are a LOT more fun than I make them sound.

PS- Curse words said today: it was all going well until my boss was denied clearance to Afghanistan. Seriously, I had no idea I was this bad. Well, tomorrow is a new day.

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