in which there is victory, but it doesn’t count

Swear words said today: NONE! Ha ha! I bet you'd thought I'd forgotten!

Of course, I didn't see or speak to another human being until this evening at chow, so I don't know if it really counts. Billy would say it doesn't count, although I don't know why he gets to be the authority on my swearing experiment.

Sam's first mitten is nearly finished. Seriously, that is taking me WAY too long. I need to get that done with so I can move back into making up my own stuff. Pictures when it has a thumb. In the meanwhile it's time to stretch and go on my run.

Oh. And. And this: the one hundred pushups challenge.

A friend pointed me towards this when I was telling her about Solaman's hourly pushups at work (it's infectious, everyone has started doing it). The idea is to get yourself from whatever you can do now (too embarassing to list out on the internets, people) to 100 consecutive pushups within a six- week span. There is a sit- ups version of this, too- it's called the two hundred situps challenge-  but I'm a lot less worried about that; I'm still pretty all right in that department.

I looked at the website and the training plan and actually thought to myself, hey, that sounds like fun! This is my new, improved idea of fun, all- pushups. Don't get me wrong- this isn't because I'm hardcore. This has nothing to do with overall health and well being. This is because it really, honestly is exactly this boring out here lately. 100 consecutive pushups = fun.

I really need to get home.

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