in which there is a new challenge


I tripped onto Photojojo's website last night and decided to take on Project 365. I'd thought about doing it before- it's a great exercise in discipline. It seems I'm good at setting new habits out here- eating well, running, quitting smoking, even reasonable bedtimes- so why not try and start this now, in the New Year, where I have half a shot to make this a serious habit before I go back to the States and all those wonderful distractions. (Holy run- on sentence, Batman.)

This isn't the self- portrait 365 project- just the original, take- a- picture- every- day- and- post- it challenge. While I've seen the self- portrait 365 go well, I just can't take that many pictures of myself. There'll be some, but I really do think there are probably more interesting things to take 365 photograhs of. (That said, here, have a picture of me.)

My Project 365 posts will be posted in a set on Flickr, of course. Here's hoping I can keep up.

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