in which I yearn for adventure, or at least giant zombie snowmen

Sunset by power plant

Sundown by the power plant on Bagram, December 2008.

Curse words said today: a lot. A lot, a lot. Apparently I can't discuss anything with real feeling without  massive amounts of swearing; took a long walk with Jason tonight and stopped trying about 10 minutes in. Le sigh. At this rate, I'll never get this done. I do hate that it half- proves everyone right, although I haven't given up yet. (I never did know when to give up.)

In other news… well, I really have no other news. It's a quiet life out here, and a small one, to boot. The most exciting things out here lately have been an earthquake that hardly anyone even noticed, the massive improvements I see every time I run, and designing mittens. Those are all really nice, but I'm feeling the need for a little adventure. I think I'm finally getting to the stir- crazy part of the deployment, unfortunately.

I've stopped reading the news- I'm on a news boycott for the next week. The situation in Israel is sickening, and the drama on the India- Pakistan border is killing me; if I let myself think on that last too much it'll just get obsessive. Instead of the news, I curl up in my room, listening to music, drawing robots and hoping for snow. Snow would be exactly the thing- I'm team lead, I could totally order the boys to take the morning to make snowmen with me. HUGE, terrifying, monster snowmen! It would be too awesome.

Tomorrow, the knitting update; it's too late to take pictures tonight. Be well. Send snapshots of snow if you've got any. Hell, send me a snowstorm if you can manage it, please?

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