in which there is music (which is also an end- of- year summation, and hooray for multitasking!)

This week's music seems perfect to sum up the year.

  • Gobbledigook, Sigur Ros
  • White Winter Hymnal, The Fleet Foxes
  • Scenic World, Beirut
  • Dear Jenny, The Dresden Dolls
  • Home and Dry, Pet Shop Boys
  • At Your Feet, Crowded House
  • Send Me Your Pillow, Hooker & Heat
  • Bridging The Gap, Nas
  • If I, Piers Faccini
  • Hands In Pockets, Laura Gibson
  • Somewhere Only We Know, Keane
  • Out Of the Blue (And Into The Fire), The The
  • There Are
    Pills For Everything, That Handsome Devil
  • Pretty In Pink, The Dresden Dolls
  • Baltimore, Nina Simone (live)
  • Four- Color Love Story, The Metasciences
  • The Atom, AniDifranco
  • Baby's Romance, Chris Garneau
  • Staralfur, Sigur Ros

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