in which there are some of my favorite things, the knitting list

It's not just for knitters, actually. Let's get the knitter- only content out of the way, though.


Hooray for tuulia's Deep In The Forest mitten pattern!! I'm on a huge mitten kick lately.


While I'm talking about mittens, Liberty Fibers has these wonderful Thrum Mitten Kits. Thrummed mittens have bits of roving knitted into them; the roving fills the inside of the mitten with a wonderfully warm and soft wooly lining. Perfect for the deep cold.


Handspun yarn is always such a pleasure. AllThePrettyFibers' Kings Of Egpyt handspun makes me happy.


Hansigurumi makes the most brilliant knit toys. You can buy her Loch Ness Monster Pattern here. Not a knitter? She sells finished toys, too, like her Halogenic Octopus, shown below.


For those non- knitters who aren't lucky enough to have someone making handknit socks for them- you have my sypmathies. Handknit socks are one of the great luxuries in my life- I can't get enough of them.


FeetTreat is here for you with the Valentine Socks.


HeirloomLace is here for you, too, with her Plum Choice socks. (And seriously, her shawl work is astounding.)


HandmaidenBC's Apple Sweaters are the sort of thing I never thought I needed.. until I saw one. Keeps apples bruise- free and oh- so- cozy.


Finally, KnitHappens' Odd Mitts are imperfectly perfect.

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