in which I’ve already slipped

Curse words said today: eurgh, I couldn't count. A lot. I got into a gripe session with someone we work with and sort of lost verbal control. I'm still trying, of course, but I've no idea how I'll express anger without swearing. Gutteral snarls? Grunting? Punching? The options are limited, but at least amusing.

(Also amusing: listening to entries being read aloud by the computer. I could do this all day.)

Yesterday was rough- I felt like hell, and spent the day in my bed listening to movies and knitting. I finished some gifts, whipped up a second and improved cozy for my French press, then used some extra yarn to make myself an enormous, childish neck gaiter. (I'll also take advantage of this opportunity to show off my wonderfully ridiculous fuzzy hat.)

It is cold here

The neck gaiter is 36 stitches of Burly Spun in the Prairie Fire colorway, on size 15 needles (I used Addi Turbo 24" circs) in 2×2 rib. It's silly and
fun and very, very comfy. (Also, to the left of my head you can sort of blurrily see the French press cozy. Bonus!) This sort of instant gratification project was exactly what I needed after weeks of socks, fingering- weight sweaters, fingerless gloves and mittens.

Tonight is dedicated to knitting more mittens- the moose mittens and watching the movie Billy loaned to me- for once, I'd like to get a DVD back to anyone within a reasonable amount of time! I'm also hoping for an early bedtime so I can start running in the mornings, although that may be completely out of the question if I can't swear.

Side Note Of Squee: I have a severe, sincere and somewhat out- of- control crush on this bike.


I mean, right? Right? Yes. She's lovely. A 1966 Murray. I would rock this bike.

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