in which there are some of my favorite things, the “delightfully geeky” list

From Etsy, of course…


Love love love love love!!!!! The mustache key hook makes me wish I'd paid more attention in shop class. I totally want to make one of these for my kitchen.


Handmade Guinness soaps; my shower has gone from being the least pleasant part of any day (crowding, never enough water) to the best part of every day. There are a lot less females to use the showers lately, so there is always hot water- it's the one time of day I can be almost 100% sure I'll be completely warm. Accordingly, my interest in soap has risen. I bet this smells wonderful.


These Pacman Ghost Cufflinks are adorable, and make me think of Sam.


I'm not even the biggest Superman fan- I mean, I like him well enough, Red Son was amazing, but he's not my favorite. Still, this wallet is excellent.



This Mantelpiece Thermometer will display the temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or phrases like, "It's bloody hot in here."

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