in which there is only a little knitting

Still working on holiday knitting which will never, ever get to its intended recipients on time… as usual, really. I can't even blame the mail for this one.

I do have a few things I can share, though.

Moose mittens 1

I've begin a pair of Annemor #7 mittens out of the Selbuvotter book. (Ravelry project link here!) I made the cuffs a little longer, flipped the moose chart (it looked weird to me the other way!), and I'm making mittens, not gloves. They're wonderfully simple, fast, and fun. I'm making these for Sam, more to be silly than anything. I'm thinking of making a string between them to keep them in a jacket, but he switches coats so often it'd probably be more a pain than a plus for him. He knows they're coming, which gives me a little bit to get them together.

I have a finished object post brewing, too, but I keep missing the good afternoon light; I still need to take a halfway decept picture. Worse, they're mitts, which means I'm trying to take pictures of my own hands. It doesn't go too well, but I keep trying.

Off to catch chow while it's open and grab a shower. Did I mention I'm running again? I am. There's nothing like a 9.5 minute mile pace* to make a girl feel out- of- shape, but I bet I can shave that down in no time. It is cool and wet here- light rain, 45 degrees or so, perfect running weather; I hope that holds for a bit.

 * I don't know whether to be happy or horrified that a 9.5 minute mile still puts me passing my original USAF physical fitness tests. 

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