in which the mail brings goodness

I woke up and knew it was going to be a pretty all right day as soon as I stepped outside of the B- hut.

Rain rain rain!

This is only about the third, maybe the fourth time I’ve seen rain here- I was so
excited this morning. The skies have been wonderfully grey and dreary
the last few days, but I don’t think I’d really bought into the idea
that we could get water- enough for puddles!- from the sky until I saw
it happen. The forecast calls for possible “weather” all week, but I
don’t believe in that at all.

I’ve been meaning to post an image of the French soldiers out here for a while, but I haven’t gotten much of an opportunity, what with my French being as wretched as it is these days. They’re pretty hardcore; despite all the media bullshit you hear in the States (and the UK, etc) the French soldiers are impressive and a little intimidating, although they generally seem to be pretty friendly. Jason and I were listening to a group give each other (American) English lessons in the coffee shop last week, which was fun. My speaking skills may have deteriorated, but apparently I still listen moderately well; hearing them bounce between languages and define/ lightly mock American- isms was vastly entertaining.

Walking over to the office this afternoon, I was able to nab this quick shot.

French soldiers

In the office, we put up the lights I received from my Dad and stepmother Lily; they only made it halfway across the room, but I have some others that Sam sent to cover the other side. (Okay, really, Billy did the hanging of the lights; I just oooh’ed and aaaah’ed when they started twinkling.)


My dad and Lily sent the sweetest package- treats, ornaments, pictures, toe socks, a Hello Kitty Hoodie, and this completely awesome horror holiday movie called Santa’s Slay. S-L-A-Y, get it? Santa’s Slay. How fantastically awful is that bit of punnage? I haven’t watched it yet- that’s a team activity, to be sure- but the fact that this even exists brings me great joy.

Sam sent some holiday goodies, too- stockings for the team, a star for one of our tiny trees, candy. Also Christmas crackers, a tradition I introduced to him when we got together- more Victoriana geekery on my part. That was an especially lovely bit, actually; Christmas crackers were involved in his proposal, too. (I love you, sweets.) I don’t have a picture of those that he sent, but in the way of an example I have a link to these, made by Ecocrackers.


He also forwarded my holiday card from Windridge Farm, which is adorable and completely made my day.

What I mean to say is: I had a lovely grey drizzly day, and I’m feeling very loved tonight. To everyone who sent anything, ever, thank you so much. It really does make a world of difference.

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