in which I am sick (also: in which we are all sick)

There are many amazing things about my team, but there are only two jumping out at me tonight.

Amazing Thing The First: I really like everyone on my team. More, we all seem to like each other. It's a small team, only four of us right now; we are meant to be five, but even fully manned, there's usually someone inbound or outbound or on leave or whatall; more than not, we seem to be four. On a team this small, someone should really dislike someone else, at least, especially considering we work in teams of two in incredibly small spaces and that the guys all share a hut. And yet we don't. We like each other. Most nights we have dinner together. We sometimes even email or text each other silly things, weird as that is. I actively look forward to seeing everyone I work with, and that never, ever happens. On a deployment that never, never, ever happens. To anyone. Ever, times infinity plus one.

Amazing Thing The Second
: When we get sick, we get sick as a disgusting, phlegmy, shlumpy unit. Our spending time together- dinners, working together in pairs in small spaces, then switching work partners nearly daily- that's probably a big part of it. Still, I can't overestimate our incredible ability to pass illness amongst ourselves. Sometimes- my favorite times- we can get sick, get better, and then get sick immediately again. It's like a small, mutating plague just simmers in our presence. Do you remember such and such, one of us will say, and too frequently someone else will say, Wait, was that when so- and- so was sick with that GI thing, or the cough, or the Bagram Crud, or… whatever it is we have now. I can mark the time in illnesses; mine, theirs.

It sucks to be sick here; there is no one to spoil me, and my bed is lumpy so there's no comfort curling up there. I'm trying to gently work my way through this; if I'm going to be miserable, at least I can get paid for my time.

Yesterday I had some time to myself, and despite feeling a bit crap I took the time truly to myself, something I've been neglecting. I took a leisurely walk down to the BBQ chow hall and had lunch by myself, with a book (currently reading Lady Churchill's Rosebud Bracelet, an outstanding collection of off- beat stories). I haven't done that in forever; I'd forgotten how much I enjoy eating alone every so often. I wouldn't want that for every meal, but once in a while it is lovely to be just with me.


Stole a quick shot of these carpenters climbing a roof on the way back. They waved in a different shot, but it ended up blurry with the force of my waving- back. Stupid friendliness ruining pictures.


I also spent yesterday absolutely LOVING the handknit mittens I received in the mail this week- thank you, C! They're perfect- they fit just so, and they're so warm and pretty!

Off to watch movies, swig Niquil, and work on moose mittens.

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