in which living in a small world isn’t always bad

Behold, the great excitement of the day:

Photo 13

That's right, all: there are 60 watt light bulbs at the PX!!!!!!!

I've spent the last few months carefully using my one lamp, conserving my last 60 watt bulb. There are frequently 40 watt bulbs at the PX, but they don't cast much light in a windowless room, and they're even worse when I'm trying to take pictures of knitting, etc- nevermind when I'd trying to read at night. Also, I'm not sure why, but the 40 watt bulbs burn out in a hurry, too. I don't think that's normal- possibly a defect with the bulbs themselves? Anyways, I've been watching my gooseneck lamp closely, waiting for the inevitable darkness.

I went to the PX today to grab some cold medicine for Jason. (I knew his recent boasts of good health were premature!) Waiting in line, I looked to my left, where the bulbs would be if there ever were any; there never are, I don't know why I bothered today. Thank Whomever, my optimism paid off. I literally squealed over 60 watt light bulbs and grabbed the allowed three boxes- seriously, they're rationed, isn't that nuts? And it wasn't just me, either. The soldier behind me in line grabbed three, too, and we chatted for a moment about how we thought this day might never come again.

I sent Billy and Chris texts, in case they needed some. This, people, this is big- big news out here: 60 watt bulbs and decent towels in stock: get them while it's hot!

I suppose I could see this a different way: I could say it sucks so much here that we get excited over halfway decent chow and light bulbs. Some days, that's the way it feels. Still, the pure pleasure of all these little things makes up for it; when they do have light bulbs, or socks, or real eggs at breakfast chow or whichever other little daily comfort we regularly go without, the surprise of coming across it makes up for a lot.

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