in which there is some dyeing

Although my Afghani-stash is prodigious (many thanks for some amazing care packages!) I couldn't help dyeing up some colorways for myself while I was home.

These were an exercise in pure pleasure; a pair of cashmere- merino yarns in DK weight, dyed to be knit into a Tapestry Cowl. The only reasoning behind these colors is my love of the color blue.

Hand dyed cashmerino

And then there are these two cashmere- merino blends, paired and waiting to become the Stained Glass scarf, because double- knitting and colorwork are too fun, especially together. Good, warm, fall colors here- leaves, trees. I'll likely never be able to replicate that barn- red again, but I do so love it.

Cashmere silk pair

[These images, by the way, are the result or trying to build a hodge- podge lightbox in my room using one mobile lamp (gooseneck desk lamp), one static lamp (diffused, flourescent, and out of my control) and the back of some grid paper. That top one makes me very happy- one of my better bits of prodoct photography, and done on the fly!]

Currently knitting: holiday gifts and self- designed mitts, probably as back- up gifts. Currently listening to: This Ameican Life. Currently wishing for: home and hearth.

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