in which I give you the best of the web, sarah- style

Dooce's entry on dog nipples  made me laugh- out- loud happy today.

Mochimochi makes me happy, especially her Plush You and Giant Things Attacking Cities posts.

Mama Blue's Squid and Ink kit on Three Little Purls makes me happy, and I only barely restrained myself from buying one.

James Joyce's incredibly filthy loveletters to his Nora make me happy; how odd to think of him that way- he's always seemed sort of lofty, up- there, to me. Not too good for it, really, but you know, I never really thought about that before. To think- he was required reading in high school. (And then I remember Molly Bloom's soliloquy and maybe I am not so surprised? Pure sensual writing, that last bit perfect- another thing that makes me so happy.) There's a link for the letters, but I think if you want it you should ask; I'd hate anyone to click that accidentally. Scandalous stuff.'s 14 Spoilers For Watchmen post made me happy today, but that's really only for comic book geeks.

The entire simply breakfast blog makes me both homesick and really, really hungry, but incidentally happy, too.

Strange Maps' entry on West and East made me happy today.

Sweetney's entry on Jenny Holzer made me happy today.

That is all. Enjoy.

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