in which we talk (briefly) about spending

Still looking for ways to minimize my consumption. It's tricky. I'm looking for my weak spots; I have a coffee habit that's a bit out of hand since returning from the US, and if I want to keep at that, I really need my french press to arrive, already. It's $2 a cup if I'm buying it from Green Beans, the base coffee shop. There are other areas, as well; MamaBlue and Sundara keep tempting me to buy yarn, but I already have more than I can use, and I'm not going to stop reading their lovely blogs just because I'm weak- willed.

I'm allowing myself a few areas: coffee, until the press arrives (any day now, hopefully); a few yarn subscriptions with Sundara (yarn- buying minus the impulsiveness); one small frippery a month, preferably handmade or local.

This month's frippery is really only a half- frippery; I can tilt my head and convince myself it's all part of The Cause, but tying frugality to buying a thing is a slippery argument at best. Still, treeswithknees' thrift- oriented wallets rock my socks.



And my personal favorite…


After all, why beat around the bush?

The overall personal goal of extending my frugality is to put more of my allowance into my business fund. The closer I come to getting back into working as a yarnie, the more I want that- really, need that- to be a raging success. I also feel that as I'll be making less, I should get used to spending less now before I need to, and of course the closer we get to Buy Nothing Day the more I am reminded of how overall awful consumer culture is.

That said, it's back to knitting up holiday gifts. I'll never make the mailing deadline, but I'm told it's the thought that counts.

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