in which I attempt to show you my room

Sam suggested I take some pictures of my room to share. I tried taking them with my good camera, but I need a wider lens- it's too damned small to get a good shot of with my current lens. Instead, here are some webcam shots of my 8×10 temporary Hut Sweet Hut.

Photo 6

Door, the hook that serves as my closet, tea and coffee area on top of a tupperware dresser in the corner, and above on the shelf there are some spinning wheel bobbins and whatall. Also, yes, that's 9 volt batteries and albacore tuna hung on the doorjamb- tuna for the cat that lives under the hut, and the 9 volts for our smoke detector, because listening to the low- battery warning beep every 3 minutes in the middle of the night is too rage- making to repeat.

Photo 7

My bed! That's an electric blanket, thank goodness, and thanks to Sam for sending it. It's saving my ass these nights. It also servers to kind of heat my room up a bit, too. Above the bed in my yarn stash- the part I'm not sending away. You can also see the map of Baltimore, too; you probably can't tell from the image, but there are thumbtacks in the most important places: home, Kiddo's school, and Spinster.

Photo 8

My desk-ish space- a piece of plywood on top of a two- drawer tupperware dresser. Candy, pictures, and headphones live here. Also in the left corner is my pile of handknit winter accessories- hats, scarves, mitts.

Also, this is the side of my bookshelf, covered in stickers from home and an Aimee Mann poster from when Sam got to see her in concert this summer. (Damnit!)

Photo 10b

No, I don't know why it's backwards either.

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