in which I become a bit of a thrill seeker

driving through Baltimore, originally uploaded by sarah.eyre.

I've been hanging out of the window of my car, taking pictures of Baltimore these weeks; random pictures at intersections, pictures of buildings, images to tide me over when I'm back in Afghanistan. I love this city. I'm sure it's not the brightest idea- leaning out a car window, taking pictures of the Baltimore streets with a quasi- pro camera. I probably look like a reporter, or worse, a cop, but I just can't stop.

I'd meant to take pictures as I drove out to Gryphon's, too, but I was enjoying just driving again too much to stop. I really missed that- driving, listening to music, singing along on the top of my lungs.

I'll be back in Afghanistan within days, which is so strange. I don't want to leave Maryland, but I'm eager to see Jason and Billy and Chris again. I wish they'd just come here, but that'd probably be less than ideal for everybody.

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