in which I am thinking of Boo

My sister Boo is lovely, and kooky, and fun. Even as a little girl, she was hilarious. To illustrate, I present these images of her as a child.

Power ballad boo

I mean, seriously. The glasses. The grin. The crazy, popping- in- on- the- side- of- a- photo bit. It's too excellent.

Omg boo

I'm planning to have an artist use these two images to create a black and white logo for my shop when I re- open next Spring.

Boo is a puppeteer. Seriously, that's what she does. How awesome is that?

In honor of Boo, a list of Etsy puppets.


Owlyshadowpuppets made these excellent… well, Sea Monster shadow puppets.


Thai Antique Stick Puppet from KaveckaArt.


Cherylasmith's gnome finger puppets!


LittleRobot does amazing work- I love the invention prints– but these DIY Paper Theaters are gorgeous.


Woolandwater's jointed paper dolls are so fun.


Tuition's Sheep Hand Puppet is near to my heart for obvious reasons.


Orangemoontoys makes this Monster Mash Shadow Puppet Set which is perfect for the season!


Sayraphim makes this wonderfully creepy/ sweet Haunted Urban Memory marionette.


I know I've already highlighted cherylasmith's work, but these Zombie Finger Puppets are fabulous!

  One thought on “in which I am thinking of Boo

  1. Ika
    January 15, 2011 at 7:39 am

    I stumbled upon this blog when I was searching for pictures of Thai puppets and saw this picture of “Thai puppet”. But I am wondering actually, this puppet is like an Indonesian leather puppet, more specific, Javanese puppet. I am Indonesian, Javanese ethnic group, and I know my culture quite well. Of course, I would be more than happy to know that this picture of “Thai puppet” is really “Thai puppet”, I only hope that you weren’t looking for Thai puppet but you didn’t get the real deal.

    Best regards,

    • January 15, 2011 at 11:52 am

      Ika, thank you so much for the comment. Honestly, I don’t know the origin of this puppet- only what the seller called it- so I’m grateful to have more information!

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