in which I have very attainable goals

Tonight is all about simplicity. This is my staying- up- late night, and I intend to spend it as nest- ily as I can manage: curled up on my bed, eating dry Cocoa Puffs, watching movies (Batman animated episodes, possibly Lotte Reiniger- or some of John Waters’ Til Death Do Us Part,
if I’m feeling homesick), knitting, wearing my handknit socks, and later on, reading the absolutely amazing history of Lucretia Borgia I stumbled across a few weeks ago.

I glanced over at my dresser/ desk area earlier this evening and was amused to see that almost all of my plans for this evening were represented there, excluding, possibly, tea and candy corn.

Etsy browsing is also on the docket, and I hope to buy myself some shoes- Earth Shoes, specifically, because about twenty people have recommended them to me for back pain over the years; also because I really, truly love ugly shoes.

I’m still working on my Perfect Black Sweater, which is only now- at the sleeves- beginning to kill me. I don’t have two circulars in the right size, so instead I’m knitting my sleeves on double- pointed needles, which I can do but was never very crazy about. It feels like it’s taking forever, but that could just be because I chose to knit a sweater in a light sportweight, which is a graceful way of saying I brought it upon myself.

Also, while I love the look of a hemmed sleeve, they’re discouraging as hell. As soon as I feel like I’m getting somewhere on the damned thing, it’s time to make a purl row and do that all over again.


  One thought on “in which I have very attainable goals

  1. teresa
    October 10, 2008 at 10:23 am

    you. are. amazing.
    i got a post-it deal on my mailbox telling me i had a package waiting for me at the post office.
    honestly, i was completely confused because the ‘sender’ didn’t make any sense.
    after picking it up (which involved me nervously/excitedly getting up ah hour earlier than planned after martini night!), i, quite literally, squealed when i opened the box.

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