in which there is a list of current obsessions

I am still sick, damnit.

Still sick- sicker than I was for the last few days, which is the part that pisses me off the most. Those last two days really made me think I was out of the woods. Joyful sidenote- when we went into work this morning, we learned that there is another virus going around- a new one, something with swollen glands and sore throats.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Despite being sick to my stomach, I’m starving; I can’t seem to get much into me, and not much seems to be staying- dinner lasted all of about 20 minutes, and by the way, throwing up in a Port- O- Let? Worst. Thing. Ever.

I’ve been cruising The Amateur Gourmet– who was in Baltimore this week, damn his bad timing!- and fantasizing about cooking when I go on my midtour in – by the way- 21 days, people. TWENTY- ONE DAYS.

(I no longer care if Jason thinks counting days is a bad idea. It’s unavoidable.)

Note to self- food to make when I get back to a kitchen:

  • stilton leek soup
  • asparagus torte
  • deviled chicken
  • mashed potatoes
  • oven- baked garlic red potatoes
  • pecan- crusted chicken
  • Thai anything
  • aloo gobi
  • poached chicken breast with balsalmic reduction
  • fettucini with wine sauce and artichokes
  • that amazing brie sandwich
  • chili
  • cider- braised chicken
  • corn chowder
  • 5- minute chocolate cake
  • about 1,000,000 salads with real greens
  • mac and cheese casserole
  • omelettes

Spent my queasy evening online, listening to new music, poring through Gocco tutorials and Etsy shops out of Baltimore; the Goggo because I want to make my own labels and tags, the Etsy out of homesickness. There’s some wonderful handmade goodness coming out of Baltimore; here are some of the best I found.

imogeneANDannie’s teensy weensie itty bitty whale earrings!  I love these.

SophyTuttle’s Halloween Raven Card, perfect for Baltimore.

RedPrairiePress’s Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf– I am such a sucker for botanical prints.

Underhercharm’s Hebrew Cuff; this (ani l’ dodi vedodi li)  is one of the most romantic phrases I know in any language.

The Definition of Halloween card, from miscelena.

And then there is this dress, which is absolutely not from Baltimore or anywhere nearby, but is too wonderful for words. I’m not much in for the whole bloomers idea, but a simple underskirt would be perfect.

I’m personally in love with the red version, but liked this photo better. This is the Verity Hope dress, from malphi. She makes me want to take out the sewing machine again.

That’s it and that’s all for tonight; off to make miso soup, curl into bed with a good book (a McSweeney’s collection, and that reminds me, it’s time to update the book list again, I’m so behind) and try to get some sleep.

(PS- Oh, and the new music? If you’re not listening to Au or Beirut yet, you really should check them out. Au reminds me a bit of Sufjan Stevens; wonderful, chaotic, strange music. Many thanks to Puffpastry for introducing me to Beirut.)

  One thought on “in which there is a list of current obsessions

  1. October 1, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Hey! Hi! Thanks so much for this collection of Baltimore craftiness, and for including my ‘definition’ card! I get such warm fuzzies when someone notices and likes my work!
    So sorry to hear about the sickness *and* the homesickness. Feel better soon…and keep an eye on your mail! 🙂

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