in which we are all some form of sick

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Yuck!, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Salib.

I’m on the mend, but Billy’s still messed up, and Jason feels like hell (despite trying to be The Little Trooper That Could, typical man stuff). Chris was asking about symptoms and mentioned not feeling his best, but that man is so in love with my Panic Face, I don’t know if he means it or not. Ruth’s still got her head cold, but so far seems to have avoided the virus itself. I’m guessing that means she’ll pick it up last; with our job being to sitting in pairs/ trios in a tiny room all day long, I can’t see anyone escaping this crap.

Hell, at least we got The Big Sick out of the way before winter set in, right?

Off to watch a movie and knit before bed. Wish us luck.

(Note to self: writing about smoking tomorrow.)

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