in which there are kissie faces and other irrelevancies

More than half of my team is sick. It didn’t work out exactly as I’d feared- I catch the Mystery Virus, then it spreads like wildfire through my team- but it’s bad enough. I was sick for about three days- I’m still a little queasy, but on the mend. Ruth got a head cold, and has been miserable on account of that but at least she didn’t get the virus on top of it all. Billy doesn’t appear to have escaped- he came down with the virus this morning, so I’m guessing he’ll be laid up for a few days, and he lives in the same hut with Jason and Chris, so I can’t help but think they’ll be sick soon, too.

Actually, that Jason isn’t ill yet is shocking- he has the worst constitution. I pretty much expect he’ll come down with this, Ruth’s head cold, and some exotic Afghani- fection infection simultaneously, just to make up for the delay.

I’ve spent the last few days in a Phenergan- induced haze; sleeping, knitting, watching The Wire, puking. Not in that order. Still, as far as sleep goes, I’ve probably made up for every sleepless night I’ve had out here so far, and that’s nice.

Hooray for nice.

In order to make myself feel better, I bought lipstick.

nothing goes with jane austen like red lipstick, originally posted by jamelah

For years and years and years, I’ve bought lipstick and never really worn it. I’ve always felt they were necessary for some reason- A Lady Always Carries Lipstick, probably another tidbit I picked up from my grandmother. That woman never left the house without mascara or lipstick, even while she lived in Florida, which seems a bit obsessive to me. For me, lipstick was for Suit Days, and going out to dinner, weddings and interviews and big meetings, all that. There’s something to the stuff- it’s inconvenient and sometimes messy, it can taste terrible, it can ruin a collar or your smile, but I feel a little more put together when I wear lipstick. It’s a total confidence thing. I thought Sam hated it, so I never wore it otherwise.

I was wrong. He loves the stuff. How can a girl be with a man for nearly a decade and not know that? I found out the day before I left for Afghanistan, when I put on my All Time Favorite for dinner. (Estee Lauder Futurist, #12, btw.) That man is the king of timing, for real.

I got out to Afghanistan and started seriously obsessing/ searching for The Perfect Red Lipstick to wear home. I had set some pretty fierce restrictions on it, too: it had to be perfect, it had to be a true red, I had to be able to order it through the mail, and worst of all it had to be from a small company.

I found the stuff. Twice, even- two Perfect Reds. I suppose it’s only natural that if you’ve nothing to do in your off time but knit and obsessively read lipstick reviews, the average American woman’s lifetime side quest could be reduced to about 6 weeks, but I still feel pretty lucky. I found the company through Sweet Sassafras. Her post about Besame convinced me to make a trial order- at $6 a tube, I figured it was worth it. It is. They have about 4-5 different reds, and they’re all wonderful, although I go in for Besame Red and Red Velvet. They’re also having a massive clearance sale right now. (Andrea, this is so the place for you.)

(Edited to add: Before anyone thanks me for the tip, let me confess that I’m only posting this after ordering my fix. My generosity only extends so far, it appears.)

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