in which I am racing

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All this sick time, I’m been in bed; sleeping, reading, knitting. It’s been boring as hell, but I finally got the body to Mr. Greenjeans finished. Note to self- I never, ever want to pick up ribbing around a cardigan again. That was so dull.

After having bound off the body to Mr. Greenjeans, I just couldn’t see picking up for sleeves, so rather than do the responsible thing and work towards actually finishing an item I picked up another project.

This is the beginning on my Perfect Black Sweater. I’ve been looking for the perfect black sweater for a long time, actually- hip- length, looseknit, hemmed, long sleeves, open neck. You’d be surprised how hard that is to find, actually. More surprising is how long it took me to decide to design the damned thing myself. I’d like to wear it on the flight home, but we’ll see about that; it is knit from Socks That Rocks Mediumweight in Black Onyx which takes a bit to knit up even on size 8 needles.

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