in which there is yarn

I’ve been trying to focus on making most of this year’s holiday gifts. I don’t like to give much in the first place- the whole “gimme presents” aspect of the winter holidays in the US is pretty ugly- but I do feel that if I’m giving anything, it should be personal.

With that in mind, I’ve picked up some yarn from one of my favorite indie dyers, The Yoyo. She just started dyeing these fantastic yarns based off of NPR shows- a portion of each sale going to support public radio. I grabbed a few for this holiday season.

On the left there is Morning Edition, in the only color- accurate shot I could get of it. Amazing colors. On the right is Snyders- it’s not one of the NPR yarns, but it is from The Yoyo and really, who could resist that orange? It’s amazing. I can’t tell you what Morning Edition is for- they might be reading- but Snyder’s is bound to become socks for my husband Sam, who loves orange.

This above is Marketplace, of course. Again, I can’t talk about what it’s bound to be, exactly, but it’s bound for hands and I’m designing it myself.

This was the most fun of all- the mystery colorway named after Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. I have two skeins of this that will be turned into a very large scarf, I think. The color isn’t quite right in this picture- it’s richer in real life, more chocolate and cherries.

I really do love Yoyo’s colorways- very subtle. Her semi- solids are my favorites, but sometimes she gets experimentative, and does some really interesting mixes- like the Eleanor Rigby colorway, or Chocoplum, which I bought intending to make a gift with but now that I have it I’m not sure I can give it away. Amazing stuff. (You can find The Yoyo’s yarns in her Etsy shop, or in -where else?- The Loopy Ewe.)

Speaking of knitting, I’ve nearly finished the body on Mr. Greenjeans, finally- I hope to be done with that tomorrow. It makes an ugly vest- I hope the sleeves go quickly- but it fits well so far. And of course, with my absolute inability to remain monogamous to any one work in progress, I’ve balled up some yarn for a self- designed sweater— my dream black sweater, actually. I’m crazy and actually hope to wear it home on my mid- tour. Oh, and I’m working on a hat for Kiddo. I think that’s everything.

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