in which there are love songs

Selections from my "Sam" playlist, in random order. I’d normally shy away from such an obvious show of sentimentality, but tonight I’m compelled to post this dreck.

Home and Dry- Pet Shop Boys
Love and Some Verses- Iron and Wine
Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones
To Be Alone With You- Sufjan Stevens
At Last- Etta James
Somebody- Depeche Mode
Cocoon- Bjork
Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard
I Want To Do- Joe Tex
I Felt My Shape- The Microphones
Naked As We Came- Iron and Wine
Vida Mas Simple- Nil Lara
Slow Like Honey- Fiona Apple
Please, Please, Please- The Smiths
All My Mistakes- The Avett Brothers
Darling Nikki- Prince
Make It Hot- Mirah
Four- Color Love Story- The Metasciences
This Is The One- Chelsea Beauchamp
I Can Tell- Michael Pen
Enjoy The Silence- Tori Amos

Damnit, I’ve become a complete sap.

In a somewhat less mawkish note, I’ve rediscovered John Lee Hooker’s I’m Bad Like Jesse James, which may be the reason I initially fell in love with the blues. His dirty growl through the line, "and cryin’ won’t help you none, gonna sink you in the water," it’s perfection. See if you can dig up the live version- it’s absolutely worth it.

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