in which there is exhaustion, and relief

Going through old pictures; I found this image and it made me happy, which I needed this evening. I remember that day so clearly- the playground at Kiddo’s old school in Alexandria.

An abominably long day, and nearly nothing I had wanted/ planned to accomplish came through.I spent the day working with Billy and Jason, though, and that did help quite a bit, despite their recently discovered and, of course, mutual love for songbombing.

(Image from Hello Yarn’s preview post.)

Tonight I am watching The Wire, and knitting- more Mr. Greenjeans, because I can feel the fall coming, and because I am so in love with green. Tonight is about planning and quiet and one small movement forward every second or so. Tonight is also for planning out my scarf, a modified Faux Bois in shades of ketle- dyed browns, and the Norwegian Snail Mittens, the very idea of which makes me ridiculously happy. I’m completely obsessed with finding the perfect colorway for these mittens; I’m considering yarns from Sundara and TheYoYo right now. I’m not going to buy the yarn for anything- I have my lovely care care packages, and my Sundara Seasons club, and that’s enough, although that does mean I’m exercising a little more creativity. I think I know how it’ll go, but we’ll see yet.

Still: good news today. My leave was approved; I go home for three weeks in late October. I can’t promise to see everyone; hell, if you’re not in Maryland, don’t expect to see me, okay? And even then, not much; I have a full schedule of kid time, husband time, house time, eating, and sleeping laid out. I’ll be at Happy Hour, and out to Spinster at least one Saturday night, if not more, and I’d love to make it out to Gryphon’s for a spin- in, if there’s one going on, but mostly I plan on nesting. I hope folks can understand that, but if not, well, they can take it up with me in May 2009; we’ll have plenty of time to kiss and make up then.

  One thought on “in which there is exhaustion, and relief

  1. andrea
    September 6, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    omg. Will we see you on a Saturday? No pressure of course. But hot DAMN WOMAN…we would all squeal with delight.

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