in which there is triumph, and gratitude

Ha HA! I got it. Many thanks to Joe, who emailed to tell me that Safari + Typepad = no image upload in posts. I’d meant to load Mozilla/ Firefox anyways, but I never would have thought that Typepad’s Upload Image feature wouldn’t work in Safari.

This whole changeover bit is actually pretty thrilling. I tend to see myself as pretty computer saavy, but Mac is a new thing for me- I know just enough to get by. It’s exciting to figure this out- what’s different, what’s similar, what is smarter- and there’s a lot of that, I’m so loaded down with PC workarounds, it always strikes me as funny when I find things laid out logically. I’m still spending a lot of time trying to do things the hard way, but I’m learning, and my friend Hal leant me an OS manual, which helps a lot, too.

Now that I can post images, it’s time for a long- overdue gratitude post to my friend Andrea, who sent me the most thoughtful care package last week. (If ou don’t know Andrea, and you’re in the Baltimore/ DC area, she runs the sweetest yarn shop in town- focused largely on organic yarns and indie dyers, Spinster Yarns and Fibers in the Lauraville neighborhood of Baltimore, right below The Red Canoe. There’s a killer knit & crochet night Saturday evenings, which I miss very much.)

Check this out: this is what I saw when I opened the box.

So many amazing things in there, and best of all, most of them came from home. There was some yarn from my good friend Kate, of Dragonfly Fiber Designs, which made me so happy.

This is Red Rocket:

… and this is Tangled Up In Blue:

There was also some sock yarn handdyed in Spinster colors!

And tea from Zeke’s, with a tea ball to go with it. Hooray, Zeke’s! (Also some coffee in Red Canoe blend, but that went to the office before I got a chance to photograph it- everyone sends their thanks for that one in particular, Andrea.)


There were some books, which are always welcome; Ruth has been telling me I needed to read Three Cups Of Tea for a while now, too.

And chocolate, too, of course; not just any chocolate, but a boxed set of those amazing odd mixes. The milk chocolate + sweet indian curry bar is my absolute favorite- who would have thought? From Rock Candy, in Baltimore, of course.

And some spinning fiber, 4 oz of tencel and superwash merino from Mama E’s c*eye*ber fiber, an indie dyer from Baltimore; I made the Dhub Scarf from some of her roving, actually; I’m a big fan. A good fix for my recent obsession over greens.

Andrea; thank you so, so much. I know I’ve said this via email, but damn, girl. This was beyond sweet.

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