in which we meet Psuh, and I finish a long- standing project

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Meet Psuh., originally uploaded by sarah.eyre.

Meet Psuh.

Psuh came home with me from bazaar a week or so ago. I had planned on just looking all day, but how can I resist a teeny sheep statue?

The real reason I’m posting, though, is to make a finished object post. Hooray! How long has it been, right? I just finished blocking the hell out of a scarf I made using the Old Shale/ Feather and Fan stitch (stockinette version). I wanted something simple that was pretty but wouldn’t overshadow the color variations in the yarn, and it worked brilliantly.


The yarn was some of my handspun; I spun up 4 oz of Mama E’s c*eye*ber fiber in Butterscotch, which is 50% superwash merino, 50% tencel.  I bought the fiber at Spinster Yarn and Fibers, and started spinning it up in April, before I left for Afghanistan. Since then, I worked on the yarn in my home, in the Dulles airport, in Qatar, and on work breaks in Afghanistan. The yarn itself is an imperfect 2- ply, going from almost lace- weight to heavy fingering weight, but it perfectly reflects the last 3, 3.5 months of my life, and I love it.


Blocking this took a little creativity, too. I live in a teeny, tiny, 8×10 room, and I use a lot of my wall space for storage- hooks for coat, clothes, towels, everything. I got a ton of tacks at the Px, painted them all with clear nailpolish to fight rust (I don’t know if that would actually help, but there was no rust, thank goodness) and a new trashcan for soaking the scarf. When it came time to actually block it, I had two real options: the ceiling (ouch!) or my bookshelf.


Thank Whomever it was hot in the huts that night, so I could go back to using the top of my bookshelf as a nightstand the next night. Also, thank Psuh for some outstanding foreman work.


Currently on my needles: the Transition Gloves, from ShibuiKnits. Lovely pattern, my first so- far- successful attempt at Fair Isle knitting, although I guess the proof will be after it’s blocked. I’m using Ink (completely my new favorite color, a deep indigo that looks almost black) and Rapids, hich are both very slightly variegated. It’s not perfect, again- apparently, if it’s not cabling, I specialize in Not Perfect- but it seems pretty damned good to me. The mistakes appear to be on the inside, so forgive me if I don’t show that until both are finished.


(Also, secretly working on Mr. Greenjeans sweater that Sam sent me in my last package, but only when I’m watching movies.)

  One thought on “in which we meet Psuh, and I finish a long- standing project

  1. andrea
    August 8, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Posh! (Your package is on the way….)

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