in which there are pictures, and they are not of me

Bazaar this Friday was hot, mind- crushingly hot; no one was doing much business at all. Everyone moved at about half their normal pace, listless and damp. Because there was so little business, some of the vendors we see regularly asked me to take their pictures, which was absolutely wonderful.

We keep coming across these strange jingly metal bikinis in all shapes and sizes, which is shocking out here (and seems like such a very bad idea), especially when it is selling only a few feet away from a burqa. They seem so out- of- place to me, I have a collection of images of these.

Still, despite the heat, it was a good day, and a great bazaar day. There were even a few clouds in the sky, which is really rare for the summers here.

Oh, yes, and before I move off of bazaar Friday, a message from Billy, to Patty.

(Sorry, Dad!)

Billy got his camera on Sunday, so we walked out to the north side of post and took some pictures this afternoon. We got on the East End shuttle shortly afterwards, which goes all the way around base, and shot out the windows as we rode, planning out places to stop and get other images later on.

It’s a real pain to shoot through chain link and razor wire, but we do our best.

The Russians mined the area outside of post heavily; after 7 years here, the Army and Afghan de- mining teams are still working on de- mining the area. There are signs warning runners (and everyone else) to stay on the roads.

It’s still lovely out here, especially at the end of the day; once the heat dies off some and the sun starts going down, it is just gorgeous.

More images in the Flickr July 2008 set.

Be well.

  One thought on “in which there are pictures, and they are not of me

  1. nicole
    July 22, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Yes, the famous chainmail bikini. I’m guessing they’re for those girls that don’t wear burka on account of being belly dancers or women of easy virtue who don’t say “tell me about your wife” 😉
    I just heard a friend on mine is now stationed in Afghanistan, too, but I don’t know where. Sadly he doesn’t blog and generally has problems keeping in touch.
    The pictures are beautiful in their own way, I guess they would be more beautiful if there was no need for barbed wire and Mine signs…

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