in which there is an image, and it is even of me

Ruth would call this “a historic event,” and she’s right- I do hate to be in front of a camera, rather than behind it. I’m trying to get better; I know my family wants to see me, to know that I’m all right and to see what I’ve been doing, and I get that. So.

The Loopy Ewe is my favorite online yarn store- well, my favorite that sells more than one kind of yarn, that is. The Sanguine Gryphon, Dragonfly Fiber Designs and Sundara Yarns make me very, very happy, both as inspiration and a source of amazing materials, but if I’m looking for a collection of options from various indie dyers, I’m all about The Loopy Ewe. I ordered some sock blockers from them before I left the country, and with my order came a small postcard of their shop mascot, announcing their “Loopy’s Summer Vacation” contest. The idea is, you take the postcard with you and have a picture taken of the postcard with someone famous, in an interesting situation, or in some far- off place. They go through the images, pick out the most famous/ interesting/ far- off images, and those folks win gift certificates.

Well, I thought. Afghanistan is pretty damn far- off, right? So I let Billy take my picture this afternoon, so submit to The Loopy Ewe, and because some people have asked for pictures, it’s going up here, too.

Yes, I know. Goofy. There’s a story behind those ridiculously awful (yet awesome!) sunglasses, but that’s for another entry. But in case you’re wondering, why, yes. I am the law in this town.

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