in which there is wax, and yarn, but not together

I went to the spa this evening, to have my eyebrows waxed. The spa is a weird place- in the front, they cut/ dye/ style hair, etc, and then in the back there are these sheeted- off areas for massage, waxing, etc. It’s a little- thrown together- more than a little, really, but I don’t mind. The idea of getting massage and waxing while deployed in Afghanistan is just too wonderfully ridiculous.

On the other side of the curtain, a young man seemed to be trying to get more than a massage. “You’re really a wonderful person,” he said, and the massage therapist made a small, acknowledging noise. “Smart and so pretty. Beautiful, you’re beautiful.”

“That’s nice,” she said. “Thank you. Tell me about your wife?” I open my eyes, looking directly into the eyes of the waxer, above me. We roll our eyes and giggle, silently.

Despite the week being slow and frustrating and hotter than is at all reasonable, my days are full of little moments like this, and they go a long way to reduce my overall aggravation levels.

Another nice thing about today: spinning!

Handspun on my 2″ Golding ring spindle, a superwash merino/ tencel blend from Mama E’s c*eye*ber fiber spun to a heavy fingering weight, I think.

It took forever to finish this, honestly, as I only spun in downtime and was really focused on a fine, tight single, but I’m loving the results.

Also, guess who finally came in the mail?

Meet Milo, a folding Fricke DT, perfect for tiny rooms. The light in my room is hideous, and I don’t want to take it outside because of the dust, so you’ll have to settle for macro shots, but really, it’s what comes off the wheel that matters most, right?

I’m testing the wheel with some superwash merino roving from a fiber club I belong to, in colors I’m not nuts about. I have some gorgeous silk- merino roving from Gyphon that will be the first thing I seriously spin, but I wanted to use something I wasn’t too in love with to get a feel for the wheel first. I chose the merino because I learned to spin with merino- talk about a rough initiation, right? I didn’t know any better at the time. By the time I got to some of the sproingier fibers I was just thrilled I’d started that way- everything seemed easy. So merino= my MFF ( Most Familiar Fiber, in case you were wondering.)

I’m loving the wheel, honestly. It’s light, small, portable, but sturdy, treadles smoothly and for whatever reason I can actually work with this Scotch tension- I usually struggle with it, but on this wheel, it’s all right. I need to try that silk blend, though, for the real test.

It’s nice to be spinning again. I watch copies of The Office (British version) or The Wire (oh, homesickness) or Bollywood movies, and pedal away, and it feels just a little more like home here.

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