in which we say goodbye to Coriolis II

Okay, so apparently I can’t knit the same thing twice- or, at least, not immediately afterwards.


Coriolis II has been frogged. I finished the arch expansion and was just… so… bored. I’m back to working on my Seraphim shawl, which I can’t seem to take a decent picture of, ever. The Raven Clan yarn is a real pain in the ass to photograph- it never seems to show quite right.

Speaking of losses- while we’re on the subject- I got on a scale the other day. 17 pounds, gone. No wonder I needed new pants, right? Seventeen pounds in two months. When I got here, one of the men I worked with told me he’d lost 30 pounds in his first three months here, and I thought, That can’t be possible, he looks so healthy. But with all the walking we do- on rocky ground too- and with the backpacks, plus the gym; I guess it works. Talk about a motivator. I’m off to the gym now, actually, to work on the next ten.

BTW- another change in layout, this one my own. Thoughts? Anything broken, weird, wonky, hard- to- read?

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